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That's me on the left. Now, don't I look like a fun person? Of course I do! I'll admit it, that is not my real picture, click here to see the real me. Now, allow me to welcome you to Dead Bodies Everywhere. My 10 story leap of faith/suicide attempt failed, so now I'll take you on my tour. Take a look around and please sign the guestbook at the bottom of this page before you leave.

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This is my page of top 10 adult beverages. They range from good, to bad, and on down to God-awful. Mature adults only please.
My page of top ten drinking games. After all, what fun are the drinks without the games to go with them? Again, responsible adults only please.
This will take you to my bio page! You can learn more than you really care to about me. If you're stalking me then this page should be a great help to you!
My Top 10 page. Here you'll find various lists of my 10 favorite things in different categories.
On this page you'll find more pictures of me, my girlfriend, and our friends. Updated 10/16/00... four pictures of our kitty cats.
Stretch your eyes out and come inside. This page has a half dozen or so of the web's most popular optical illusions.
The least updated page on my site, but still has some good quotes.
This page contains a comprehensive list of phobias. This has every fear known to man, or at least to me. What are you afraid of?
Some of my favorite hangouts on the internet. This page has a list of my favorite links. Check them out, but be sure to come back to Dead Bodies Everywhere!
These are the awards that I have won for my site, and information on how you can win my award!

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