Epinions - A site where you can read user reviews of tons of products, travel locations, web services, and more. Or... you can join and write your own reviews of products/services you've used. When someone views your reviews... you get money for it! I've made quite a bit here... the better you write the more you'll make.

Security Guard Harold - You pretty much just have to go to this site. I won't ruin the surprise.

Am I Hot or Not? - This site has pictures that people submit and you rank them from 1-10. You can submit your own photo if you're brave enough.

Irksome - This is Scott's homepage. He is my neighbor and shares a lot of the same interests and mental illnesses that I have. If you liked my site then you should check his out as well.

Urban Legends and Modern Myths - An interesting site detailing stories that range from far fetched, to almost believable.

Big, Big Book of Wrestling Moves - This site has a huge directory of professional wrestling moves.

Useless Knowledge - Why do you need to know that? Well, you don't, but it's fun and good for parties anyway. Plus, you can go on Jeopardy and amaze Alex Trebex.

College Stories - Ahhh... the studying, the late night cram sessions, the classes, the booze, and the parties. Check out some incredible college stories here, or share one of your own!

Dumb Laws - A state by state directory of our nation's dumbest laws. You won't believe some of these.

The Big List of Movie Mistakes - Find out some of the stupid things that happened during your favorite movies. Then go back and see them for yourself!

The Easter Egg Archive - An easter egg is something that's hidden in a movie, book, song, software, etc. This has everything from classic glitches to the true meaning of everyday things.

Internet Movie Database - Without question, the most comprehensive listing of movies on the internet, or perhaps anywhere for that matter. Has lots of details on lots of movies.

Fanball - A great site for information on fantasy sports. They also run a great fantasy football site, and it's free!

Dumb Crooks - You've got to be joking, right? The criminal element of our society isn't always made up of the brightest members of our population.

Just Meat - Not for the weak of heart, this site is filled with some of the most gruesome images on the internet.

Rotten.com - Another one that'll turn your stomach. Visitors to this site be warned, there's nothing pretty here.

Darwin Awards - Sometimes people do things which prove to the rest of us that they really can't be fully evolved yet. This site awards those people for providing us with a good laugh at their expense.

Top Cops - The finest examples of our boys in blue. See what some heroic, brave, and smart cops have done to help make our streets a little safer.

Demented Dave's Country Bunker - This is my wrestling buddy Dave. He's a very funny guy, and has a cool page. His customer service gripes are a must read.