This page is full of little optical eye/brain teasers to play with your head a little bit. Some take longer than others to see, but they're all worth the effort. Enjoy! If you have others, feel free to E-mail them to me!

The square in the middle isn't really a square; is it? Well squares don't usually have bent lines. But what if I told you that the lines weren't actually bent? Get a straight edge and see for yourself if you don't believe me.

There's two ways to see this one. Look at the left hand side (lighter colors) and you're liable to see a duck. Look at the right hand side (darker colors) and you're liable to see a bunny. If that doesn't work, turn your head to the left a bit and you should see the rabbit.

How many legs does this elephant have? Take a good close look.

What do you see? Most people will see a face showing up here. But if you turn your head to the right and focus you should see the word "Liar" in handwriting.

Nothing fancy here, it's the word "LIFT" in block letters. Focus on the white between the black spots.

This is one of the hardest ones to see. There is an old woman and a young woman in the same picture. The young woman is looking off to the side. Think of the old woman as looking down at the ground. The big white patch is her scarf on top of her head.

Two images here; both easy to be seen. The black portion is a man playing a saxaphone while the white portions are a woman's face.

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