What's he looking at? Oh yeah, the pictures. I'll put anybody's picture here as long as they don't mind me making wise cracks about them. Send me yours and you can be my next victim.

Finally, so he'll shut up about not having his picture here. The only man to ever DDT me through a table... Jose.

This is Bill. I've known him forever and now he's my neighbor. He likes my socks.

Half co-worker, half friend... this be Leo. Aside from working with me he also does tattoos, and good ones too!

Checco, 2 year old black hair domestic cat. He's a comedian and he likes to hang out on top of doors.

Mandi, 6 year old Lilac Point Siamese mix. She's very quiet and reserved. Checco likes to torment her due to this. She was not very happy with the camera!

See the last sentence describing the last picture... poor Mandi!

Here's Leo and Bill from a little get together we had.

This is another co-worker, Kim, and her husband Nat. This picture was taken in Las Vegas.

Here's me, Kim, and Leo. We were all pretty much down for the count at this point.

The shot heard round the world. I was challenged to do a shot of Goldschlager in this huge shot glass. It wasn't as bad as it looked. Matt's face in the background is pretty good, too.

Matt and me. This is at our little get together as well.

Jennifer (not to be confused with my princess), Kim, and Mia hanging out on the couch.

Kim and Mia, friends forever.

Here's another picture of Kim and Mia.

This is Christian and Mia, two of my co-workers. He's a pineapple eating, grass hut living in pansy and now the whole world knows it.

Sometimes drunk, usually in pain, always entertaining, this is Cathy. She's from New Jersey, the armpit of America.

The man, the myth, the legend... CHO!!!

This is my friend Di (known her forever, she's more sister to me than my sister), her husband "Taz", and their daughter Mariah (guess who she's named after). Great people... great pic.

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