You've seen them, you've liked them, you've wished you could have them... and now you can.

Who am I talking about? Those e-wrestlers banners that make flashes/posts/roleplays look a little better than your average Joe's (not Just Joe).

How do they get them? A lot of people have graphics capabilities or have friends who can make them for them, and so they do. Well, isn't that just great?!?

There are others, however, who can't get them because they are graphically disabled either by a lack of software, a lack of know-how, or if they have a system like a WebTV which makes it near impossible to do anything like this.

How do you get one? E-mail me. I'm going to do some free banners because I like e-wrestling, I like working with graphics. I can help others while helping myself to make a few banners.

I just need basic information... name as you want it to appear on the banner, some basic description of your wrestler's personality and any ideas or concepts of images you want included in the banner. Send all of that information to with the subject of "Wrestling Banner" and I'll make it as soon as I have time and get it back to you.

No cost, no hassle, no problem! I'm not doing animated banners or Flash images, just basic banners that will look pretty good when I'm done. Just drop me a line and it's yours!